To partner with Kingdom-minded world changers for global mobilization and nation transformation.


Cover, Care, Coach, and Connect career missionary affiliates.

•  COVER - a relationally based support network that facilitates and empowers international affiliates and their ministry.
•  CARE  - commitment to shared responsibility of strengthening the emotional, financial, spiritual, and relational life, family and ministry of each affiliate.
•  COACH - our approach in relating with affiliates as they dream, discover, and develop in life and mission.
•  CONNECT - a network of life-giving, nurturing and forward-thinking relationships that provide a sense of belonging to something bigger than themselves.

Hands That Touch was established in 1998 as a non-profit 501c3, to facilitate the mission work of Steve and Lorraine Box as missionaries in East Africa. HTT, in it's current season has increased its global reach, influence, and partnerships by providing a relationally administrative, creative, and pastoral support to others who have a passion and vision to see nations transformed. With over 25 years of international ministry experience, Steve and Lorraine bring seasoned understanding to the unique needs of those called to work within various global regions.

Affiliates may be based in a foreign country or operate from within the United States – the common factor is a commitment to partnership, a call and passion to see transformation of nations with supernatural signs and wonders pursuing global revival.

Offering an efficient way of processing single gift donations and recurring monthly giving through eGivingSystems ™, HTT also supports traditional methods of financial contributions being received in the mail. Communication and partnership development is supported through monthly eNewsletters that are testimony driven, graphically appealing, and easy to read.

Holding covenant relationship as a core value, we celebrate diversity, bless and support innovative and creative expression, God inspired ideas, bold and courageous faith with purpose & intentionality in forming strategic, Holy Spirit directed alliances.

HTT affiliates are self governing ministries. Our heart is to support and strengthen with as little interference as possible. The up-side is that affiliates are free to follow the leading of Holy Spirit without getting permission from us. The down-side, for some, of this approach is that affiliates must operate with less external structure. HTT affiliates raise their own mission support budget, design their own ministries, manage their own time and schedules and develop their own vision and goals.