Rob & Michele, Global Directors, for Sounds of the Nations operate from their home base in Vacaville, California. Rob establishes recording studios and relational networks that become part of Sounds of the Nations family while Michele's prophetic art and dance has a strategic role in their mission efforts.

PLANT mobile, sustainable recording studios so that worship songwriters and musicians can get their music into their regions;
PROVIDE training and support through relationship, to staff, worship leaders, songwriters and musicians;
BRING awareness and impartation of presence-based worship and restoration of worship arts to the church body through conferences and teaching;
EMPOWER & ENCOURAGE staff in each studio to duplicate themselves in mentoring and becoming self-sustaining.


Account:  M1003
Sounds of the Nations

MILES, Corbin & Stacy   |   SCOTLAND

Corbin and Stacy Miles' passion is to pioneer innovative Kingdom communities that transform post-Christian Europe.

PIONEER innovative Kingdom communities that lead post-moderns into an experiential relationship with God and transform culture with his presence, love, and life.
EMPOWER and release Kingdom revolutionaries into their destiny in God with a passion for the peoples of the earth.
ESTABLISH local artist communities that enable artists and musicians to discover their creative potential and their Creator.
LAUNCH socially-aware ministries that demonstrate the love and justice of God.


Account:  M1002


PRUDEN, Greg & Barbara   |   HEAVN SENT

In 2009 God gave Greg and Barbara a vision that included provision and maintenance of a retreat center for the rest and restoration of ministry and missionary workers from around the globe. This center is located in Redding, California and is the first step in a vision that also includes helping vulnerable children in other parts of the world.


Account: M1009

R & J,   E. Africa

God has called R & J to the Muslim world and will be serving as mission interns with a team in East Africa during this initial phase of their missionary journey.

As interns, they will be serving seasoned missionaries while adapting to cross-cultural living - hands-on learning, living in, and ministering to Muslim people groups. With a strong emphasis in discipleship and prayer R & J will be seeking to further evangelizing East Africa.


Account: M1018

R & R,   E. Africa

God has called R & R to the Muslim world, to see a global harvest of Muslims coming into the Kingdom; in this current phase they are focused on East Africa.

Their vision is three-fold...
Foster sustainable revival in East Africa,
Reach unreached Muslim people groups with the Gospel, both directly and through mobilizing and equipping the East African Bride,
Partner with God in prayer for a great global harvest among Muslims.

Visit their blog for more information and up-to-date testimonies of their mission.


Account: M1017
Orange Bible Project: M1017.OBP

WILSON, Josh & Brandie   |   PHILIPPINES

POWER is a word that describes both Josh and Brandi well. Graduates of BSSM, Josh and Brandie are directing the grace, skill, and power that is on their lives to the Philippines. As new missionaries in the Philippines, their immediate focus is locating Divine Connections, building relationship, learning language and culture, with a long-term vision to teach and train in worship, healing, and ministering among women and young girls who have been rescued from sex trafficking.



Account: M1014